Marble Outlet

We have at your disposal many products at very low cost or discounted prices (from floor coverings to garden pans, etc.). We will find anything circled in natural stone.

Come and visit us at our Cornale and Bastida plant. We will welcome you with the usual professionalism and kindness.


Solid sinks, thickness cm. 10, width cm. 50, complete with drainage, lowering and drainage hole for water drainage. Made of three measures of length: cm. 80 cm. 90 cm. 100 Proposed in three different materials: Red Verona, Bianca Carrara, Verdello Availability: about 150 pcs. Interesting prices!

Skirtings high cm. 10 – thickness cm. 1, 2, 3 – various measures in Serizzo Antigorio. Proposed in various finishes: rough, polished. Availability: about 1000 ml. Discounted price!